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Cali Telecommunications

Cali Telecommunications 
                                                                                              Your Source For New & Used Network Equipment

At Cali Telecommunications our commitment is to provide exceptional service. With almost two decades in the Telecommunications Industry, working with equipment manufactures and leading distribution partners around the globe, our mission is to build our business with uncompromising integrity, and develop long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors.

We Buy, Sell, and Outsource Repair IT & Telecom equipment from major OEMs for Wireless, Central Office Switching, Data, Optical-Transport, Transmission, Power & Microwave.

Jaime A. Diaz

Telecommunications Professional

Jaime A. Diaz

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jaime Diaz both professionally and personally for 10 years. Jaime always displayed professionalism in all areas of the workplace. He has excellent communication skills as well as strong leadership qualities that made working his accounts streamline. He is highly respected by customers, employees and management. 

- Jackie

Jaime has consistently shown strong skills in developing deep personal relationships with his largest accounts and will do what is necessary to get their order delivered when promised. He has an outstanding work ethic. I strongly believe that success is the reward of hard work and consistency. Jaime is one of the most consistently reliable men I have ever met. 

- Chris

I have had the pleasure of working with Jaime over the last 10 years. His fairness and professionalism is truly top notch. Jaime always exemplifies an understanding of the complicated scenarios that are associated with the technical side of our industry, it is easy to see that he also holds these values in his personal life as a family man, we often have conversations of him coaching his daughters in soccer and the quality time he spends with his family on the weekends.

- Tim

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